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Saturday, July 2, 2016

DOOM 2016 Review

DOOM 2016 Review

Doom 2016 review

Hi, this is Vukex reviewing Doom 2016.  Doom, well Doom is game based on killing demons. Doom is an action/horror first person shooter, a really fast passed game. You won’t have much time to breathe let alone reload the gun. You will be killing a lot of demons and I mean a lot. The demons due to the mistake of Olivia Pierce, a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) scientist opening a portal to Hell, have escaped and it’s your job to fix the mess. Doom 2016 is a reboot of the original Doom series, the biggest change from the old games is that it now has character customisation, online multiplayer and the ability to perform executions to the enemies, the so called Glory Kills.

The Doom game is set on mars and the game maps will take you to hell a few times. The game play is mostly run and gun. You take the role of an unnamed marine, that has just one job to do and that is kill every last demon that escaped hell. The single player aspect of the game will take you roughly 10 hours to complete. There are five difficulty levels in the game - I’m Too Young To Die (Easy), Hurt Me Plenty (Normal), Ultra-Violence (Hard), Nightmare (Very Hard), and Ultra-Nightmare, witch unlocks after you have beaten the game, and only gives players one life to beat the game.

Doom does a lot of things right, like the health system that I really loved, it was done old-school, you have to pick up health packs to get your health back, not just run to cover wait a few seconds and your health will be recharged like in modern shooters. Killing enemies will get you health packs, armour and ammo and I am a big fan of that it just makes the game a little bit harder and forces you to strategize. The suit and weapons in the game are all very customizable, and believe me you will need to upgrade your weapons, because the waves of enemies just get harder and harder The A.I of the enemies is good, they are very fast and will use different tactics to attack you. The checkpoints in the game are done right, and there is a lot of progression in the game because of the customisation and upgrading of almost everything. 

Doom 2016 gameplay

There are many secrets and hidden areas in the game and they will increase the length of your single player campaign. There are a few I really liked, like the secrets were you unlock the old Doom maps, and you play through them with the new character models. The gameplay is really good, I loved it. It is arena type fast paced gameplay, were you will be mostly killing waves of demons. There are a few brakes in between the killing, like finding key cards and exploring the map as much as you can. The maps are designed nicely, and the map in your menu is good although sometimes confusing, but will help you a lot in finding the secret areas which would otherwise be really hard to find.

The graphics in the game are beautiful, and the world looks just like you would expect from a game like this. It gives you the uneasy suspenseful feeling and really immerses you into the gameplay. The sound is also done perfectly and will create the same feelings, I enjoyed both a lot. 

The multiplayer aspect of the game is fun. It is done similar to the old quake arena games, but it hasn’t really done many things different from the first person shooters we are getting all the time. The gameplay is fun, and I especially loved that you could become a demon in some of the game types, you would use it as a power up and kill enemies, once you get killed the demon upgrade is dropped and other players are able to pick it up and use it. The multiplayer is extremely fast paced, and there is a lot of customisation, even though most of it is just visual upgrades. The servers are great and you will not have a problem finding a game of any type.


There is also a new game mode called SnapMap. In snapmap mode you get to build your own arenas witch you can play through or publicly share for everyone to play on. Making these arenas is pretty simple and really easy to learn. You can customise just about everything in the map that you make, from the lighting of the map to the different enemies and weapons that are usable. There are a lot of games you can play that others made that are really good. This also adds to the replay-ability of the game and will give you many more hours of fun after finishing the single player. 

My final thoughts on this game are that the single player is great and a lot of fun, and is different to the games that have been coming out recently. It has beautiful design, the graphics and sound of the game are done perfectly. The health and armour system is great and adds a level of strategy to the game. The multiplayer is fun but it hasn’t done many things different from modern day first person shooters. The snapmap game mode is really fun and you will spend hours experimenting, making and playing levels. The only thing that could have maybe been done better is the story of the single player, but it is not a big problem. Overall I enjoyed this game very much and would recommend everyone who like first person shooters or any of the previous Doom games to buy and play this game!

I hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed reading it. I would really like to know your thoughts of the game so comment below, also like and follow me on twitter for more gaming news and reviews. See you next time on Vukex Gaming!

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