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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pokemon Go Review

Pokemon Go Review

Pokemon Go

Hi everyone, this is Vukex reviewing Pokemon Go for mobile phones. Now i don't normally review or play mobile games but since its becoming more and more popular, and i am a big fan of Pokemon, i will make an exception.  So Pokemon Go is a game on the Android or IOS operating system. It is currently free to download on either app store. 

Pokemon Go is a fun game but has its flaws. Now remember i am a big fan of Pokemon but i will try to do this review as objectively as i can. The point of Pokemon Go, like in most of te Pokemon games out there is to catch all the Pokemon you can and fill up your Pokedex and become the best Pokemon trainer in the world. This game uses google maps to make an accurate map of the area you live in, and will put Pokemon all around the area you are in, in the real world.

Pokemon Go will make you walk ( or drive) all over your city or area in search for Pokemon. The Pokemon are placed how they should be around the map. Like for example if you want to find water Pokemon you have to go to an area that has a lake or to the beach, same goes for all the other types of your favourite Pokemon. To catch a Pokemon you need to find a Pokemon, aim your smartphone at it and then swipe towards it to throw a Pokeball at it, the closer you throw it to the Pokemon the bigger chance you have catching it. The mechanic works but sometimes it will take you multiple shots to get the Pokeball near enough to the Pokemon to actually catch it.

Pokemon Go Review

One of the big differences it has from the other Pokemon games is that you don't get to battle the Pokemon you want to catch, in fact there is not much battling in this game at all, and even when there is, it is a lot different from the other games, you have to swipe left or right to dodge the enemy Pokemon's attack and then attack the Pokemon. 

There are Pokemarts in the game and you will find them near the landmarks of your city or area, that is also were you will find Pokemon Gyms. When you find a Pokemart all you have to to is tap the icon and make it spin, and collect the rewards from it. Now the Gym is a system i really like, when you find a Gym you enter it and choose a faction ( Yellow, Red, Blue ) and then fight for the control of the Gym. If the leader of the Gym is in your faction then you add points to the Gym and strengthen it by training your Pokemon there. But if the Gym is controlled by another faction you can fight it for control, it can really be satisfying to take over a Gym!  

Pokemon Go gameplay

At the start of the game there is a very simple character creation which i personally think they could have done better or at least add updates later, adding more depth to it. and also in the start its like most of the Pokemon games, you get greeted by a Professor ( Professor Willow, not Oak this time ) and get to choose your'e first Pokemon ( Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur ) and from there you start your adventure and start catching Pokemon.

My final thoughts on Pokemon Go are that it is a game that everyone who likes Pokemon will love. There are a few mechanics that i don't like,and the stories are true it really drains your phones battery life quick, and i wish the combat was more implemented, but still it is a game i am currently enjoying very much and i think you all will too. It is free in the app store so go on and download it and play it, you have nothing to loose!

I give Pokemon Go a 7.7/10 !

I hope you found this Review helpful and enjoyed reading it! I would really like to know your thoughts of the game so comment bellow, also like and follow me on twitter for more gaming news and reviews! See you next time on Vukex Gaming!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Top 10 Upcoming Games 2016

Top 10 Upcoming Games 2016

Hi, this is Vukex and these are MY top 10 upcoming games of 2016!

1. Dishonored 2 - ( November 11, 2016 )

Dishonored 2

2. Civilization VI - ( October 21, 2016 )

civilization 6

3. Forza Horizon 3 - ( September 27, 2016 )

Forza horizon 3

4. Deus Ex Mankind Divided - ( August 23, 2016 )

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

5. Mafia III - ( October 7, 2016 )

Mafia III

6. Battlefield 1 - (  October 21, 2016 )

Battlefield 1

7. Watch Dogs 2 - ( November 15, 2016 )

Watch Dogs 2

8. South Park: The Fractured But Whole - ( December 6, 2016 )

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

9. We Happy Few - ( July 26, 2016 )

We Happy Few

10. Titanfall 2 - ( October 28, 2016 )

Titanfall 2

... And these 10 games are the ones i am waiting for in 2016, this list is based on my OWN PERSONAL OPINION... I hope you liked the post. Like and Follow on Twitter, What Games are you waiting for in 2016? Write your lists in the comment section below!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Read Dead Redemption Review

Red Dead Redemption Review

Read Dead Redemption Review

Hi this Vukex reviewing Red Dead Redemption for Xbox. Red Dead Redemption is an open world game developed by Rockstar, the same studio that makes the Grand Theft Auto games. A lot of people are calling Red Dead Redemption a GTA clone, which it in some way is, but it still holds its own and goes for one of the best games of all time. Red Dead Redemption is a third person shooter game that is set in the old west around the year 1900. You play as John Marston, a former outlaw which is used as a hired gun for the government after his family is taken hostage by them. He is forced to take care of his old gang.

Red Dead Redemption does so many things right it really does deserve the title of one of the best games ever! Like I said you will be playing the role of a former outlaw John Marston, the entire game is set in the old west. The game is an open world, third person shooter that is just done so well. It’s a game you will not want to stop playing and will try to explore everything before finishing the game. The game map is big and you will have the option to explore by foot (witch I would not recommend) and the option of riding a horse. The horse riding mechanic has its flaws but once you get used to the control becomes very enjoyable.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption has everything you would expect from a game like this and more! It has many side quests and random events, that aren’t just put there to give length to the story but actually are very fun. For example in my first playthrough I spent a lot of time playing the poker minigame, and I mean a lot of the time, I would literally forget about the story and loose myself in one of the many mini games that are done so right. Off course this does not mean the story is bad, because it’s not, you will get lost in it, it’s like reading a very interesting book late at night, you are sleepy and you got work tomorrow but you always say just one more and then one more and… you get the idea. That is exactly how it will be you will be so immersed into the world and story that you will forget about everything! The Combat in the game is extremely satisfying and the inclusion of the Dead Eye system is really good. The Dead Eye mechanic slows down time, and lets you aim at the opponent slowly, which can be really useful when you have a few enemies in one area.

The graphics are what you would expect for a game that came out in 2010, and they suit the theme really well, the colours are how they should be and everything has detail that you will notice. I remember from my playthrough then I would just stop the mission and everything and just look at the beautiful map that Rockstar created. There are day and night cycles like you would expect from a game of this type and a weather system that works perfectly with the setting of the game. The thing that really makes this game stand out from the others is the attention to detail in everything, from the different firearms to the breed of horse you are riding, things like that just add to the realism and force you to strategize because it actually matters in the game what breed of horse you have, all of them have different stats like stamina and speed so you will have to find the one that works for you. These are all little things but they really do matter.

The soundtrack in the game is beautiful, I enjoyed every moment of it, and everything sounds like you are in the Wild West. Like I said from the guns to wild coyotes chasing you, it all just sounds amazing, I am giving top score for the sound. The story is roughly 18 hours long but if you do the side missions and random events (which you will) it will take you about 30 hours to finish. There is also an expansion pack called Undead Nightmare with will add even more hours to the game. The Undead Nightmare expansion is about a zombie plague that started and you have to find the cure.

RDR 2016

There is a multiplayer feature included in the game. The multiplayer aspect of the game is basically a 16 player Deathmatch, which starts off with classic western standoff.  There are other multiplayer modes but Deathmatch was the best for me. There are ranks in the multiplayer and also unlockables like different player models and weapon skins, which will add on to the overall time you will be spending on the multiplayer if you are a player who likes to get all the weapon upgrades and skins.

My final thoughts on this game are that the singleplayer is a master piece done perfectly. You will spend a lot of time just observing the beautiful world, plus when you add in the side missions, the minigames and the random events, you will easily get 30+ hours out of this game. The multiplayer aspect if the game is good and fun, but the thing that really stands out from other games is the singleplayer. I recommend for everyone to buy this game, and believe me you will not be disappointed. My rating for this game is 9.9/10, easily one of the best games ever made!

I hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed reading it. I would really like to know your thoughts of the game so comment below, also like and follow me on twitter for more gaming news and reviews. See you next time on Vukex Gaming!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

DOOM 2016 Review

DOOM 2016 Review

Doom 2016 review

Hi, this is Vukex reviewing Doom 2016.  Doom, well Doom is game based on killing demons. Doom is an action/horror first person shooter, a really fast passed game. You won’t have much time to breathe let alone reload the gun. You will be killing a lot of demons and I mean a lot. The demons due to the mistake of Olivia Pierce, a Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) scientist opening a portal to Hell, have escaped and it’s your job to fix the mess. Doom 2016 is a reboot of the original Doom series, the biggest change from the old games is that it now has character customisation, online multiplayer and the ability to perform executions to the enemies, the so called Glory Kills.

The Doom game is set on mars and the game maps will take you to hell a few times. The game play is mostly run and gun. You take the role of an unnamed marine, that has just one job to do and that is kill every last demon that escaped hell. The single player aspect of the game will take you roughly 10 hours to complete. There are five difficulty levels in the game - I’m Too Young To Die (Easy), Hurt Me Plenty (Normal), Ultra-Violence (Hard), Nightmare (Very Hard), and Ultra-Nightmare, witch unlocks after you have beaten the game, and only gives players one life to beat the game.

Doom does a lot of things right, like the health system that I really loved, it was done old-school, you have to pick up health packs to get your health back, not just run to cover wait a few seconds and your health will be recharged like in modern shooters. Killing enemies will get you health packs, armour and ammo and I am a big fan of that it just makes the game a little bit harder and forces you to strategize. The suit and weapons in the game are all very customizable, and believe me you will need to upgrade your weapons, because the waves of enemies just get harder and harder The A.I of the enemies is good, they are very fast and will use different tactics to attack you. The checkpoints in the game are done right, and there is a lot of progression in the game because of the customisation and upgrading of almost everything. 

Doom 2016 gameplay

There are many secrets and hidden areas in the game and they will increase the length of your single player campaign. There are a few I really liked, like the secrets were you unlock the old Doom maps, and you play through them with the new character models. The gameplay is really good, I loved it. It is arena type fast paced gameplay, were you will be mostly killing waves of demons. There are a few brakes in between the killing, like finding key cards and exploring the map as much as you can. The maps are designed nicely, and the map in your menu is good although sometimes confusing, but will help you a lot in finding the secret areas which would otherwise be really hard to find.

The graphics in the game are beautiful, and the world looks just like you would expect from a game like this. It gives you the uneasy suspenseful feeling and really immerses you into the gameplay. The sound is also done perfectly and will create the same feelings, I enjoyed both a lot. 

The multiplayer aspect of the game is fun. It is done similar to the old quake arena games, but it hasn’t really done many things different from the first person shooters we are getting all the time. The gameplay is fun, and I especially loved that you could become a demon in some of the game types, you would use it as a power up and kill enemies, once you get killed the demon upgrade is dropped and other players are able to pick it up and use it. The multiplayer is extremely fast paced, and there is a lot of customisation, even though most of it is just visual upgrades. The servers are great and you will not have a problem finding a game of any type.


There is also a new game mode called SnapMap. In snapmap mode you get to build your own arenas witch you can play through or publicly share for everyone to play on. Making these arenas is pretty simple and really easy to learn. You can customise just about everything in the map that you make, from the lighting of the map to the different enemies and weapons that are usable. There are a lot of games you can play that others made that are really good. This also adds to the replay-ability of the game and will give you many more hours of fun after finishing the single player. 

My final thoughts on this game are that the single player is great and a lot of fun, and is different to the games that have been coming out recently. It has beautiful design, the graphics and sound of the game are done perfectly. The health and armour system is great and adds a level of strategy to the game. The multiplayer is fun but it hasn’t done many things different from modern day first person shooters. The snapmap game mode is really fun and you will spend hours experimenting, making and playing levels. The only thing that could have maybe been done better is the story of the single player, but it is not a big problem. Overall I enjoyed this game very much and would recommend everyone who like first person shooters or any of the previous Doom games to buy and play this game!

I hope you found this review helpful and enjoyed reading it. I would really like to know your thoughts of the game so comment below, also like and follow me on twitter for more gaming news and reviews. See you next time on Vukex Gaming!

Friday, June 24, 2016

E3 2016 Games and Release Dates

E3 2016 Games List and Release Dates

e3 2016

Hi everyone this is Vukex and today i will be giving you a list of the best games shown on e3 2016 and there release dates!

Games List / Release Date:

1. Battlefield 1 - (  October 21, 2016 )

2. God of War 4 - ( TBA )

3. Gears of War 4 - ( October 11, 2016 )

4. Watch Dogs 2 - ( November 15, 2016 )

5. Dishonored 2 - ( November 11, 2016 )

6. Mafia III - ( October 7, 2016 )

7. Civilization VI - ( October 21, 2016 )

8. Titanfall 2 - ( October 28, 2016 )

9. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - ( November 4, 2016 )

10. The legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild - ( 2017 )
11. Ghost Recon : Wildlands - ( March 7, 2017 )

12. Resident Evil 7 - ( January 24, 2017 )

13. Forza Horizon 3 - ( September 27, 2016 )

14. Sniper Elite 4 - ( February 14, 2017 )

15. South Park: The Fractured But Whole  - ( December 6, 2016 )

16. We Happy Few - ( July 26, 2016 )

17. Deus Ex Mankind Divided - ( August 23, 2016 )

18. Injustice 2 - ( 2017 )

19. For Honor - ( February 14, 2017 )

20. Mass Effect Andromeda - ( March, 2017 )

Thank you for reading and i hope you found this article helpful, Like and follow for more. Comment if you would like a game added to the list.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Deadpool Game Review

Deadpool Game Review - PC

Hi this is Vukex reviewing the Deadpool game on PC. Deadpool for all those who don’t know who he is, well he is an anti-hero, a mercenary who is not afraid to kill other characters, he is also known for his sense of humor, in fact because of his personality he got the nickname ''merc with a mouth''. He is from the Marvel comic’s universe, and has his own comic book series. Deadpool is a character that is also known for breaking the '' Fourth wall '' with the audience, which basically means he is aware that he is in a comic book and will interact with you as the reader, and in the game it is no different. He will do a lot of crazy things rarely seen in video games. O yeah and he also has a mad healing factor, maybe the fastest one in the Marvel universe.


First let’s go through the controls and how they behave on the PC. Well like this, the controls behave how they should in most cases, there are occasional camera jumps, especially in fighting scenes, but it’s nothing that bad, and it’s very playable, the controls work how they should and are already binded nicely, but if you would prefer another layout you can rebind them. I would recommend using a wireless gamepad for playing this game. The overall gameplay is fun but yeah it does get repetitive, especially the fighting in the game, I personally didn’t find it boring but they could have done more on it to mix it up. I found the game quite fun and enjoyed my time playing it. Deadpool throws jokes around all the time and the cut scenes are enjoyable to watch.

The graphics are good, not the best, but very enjoyable. The game is colorful and looks nice, me, loving nice graphics in games didn’t have many issues with them. The graphics are what you would expect in a game of this type. Talking about the type, this is a third person action game, and you will be doing a lot of fighting, and I mean a lot! That I think is maybe the biggest problem of the game, that’s because the game throws countless waves of enemies at you it gets repetitive. There are some weapon options and upgrades and they are made nicely only I would have loved if they included more! There is some platforming and puzzles in the game to mix it up and to take a break between the fighting and the waves of enemies but believe me most of the game, well is shooting and cutting waves of enemies. There are a few different types of enemies but I would have enjoyed more content in this area as well. Now don’t get me wrong these are all very minor problems and don’t make the game less enjoyable. I had a lot of fun playing the game, I think it was purposely made ( just like the main character Deadpool ) as a parody of modern games, and it succeeds and pulls it off in an amazing way. There isnt any game I can compare to this one that I have played ( maybe Duke Nukem at least for the comedy, but is nowhere near as good  a game as this one ) and that makes it a unique experience, like the 8 –bit game level it has, you don’t see that in games very often.

Deadpool Review

Now, does the game have a good replay value, well I think it doesn’t, I had fun playing it the first time, but I don’t think I will play it again any time soon, and I am not saying this because it’s a bad game, but because I think it is that type of game. It mostly relies on its jokes and comedy to succeed, and once you have finished the game and experienced all of the cutscenes and jokes, it kind of becomes boring to play it again, like when you first hear a joke it’s funny and all, but after hearing it a few times it’s just nowhere near as funny as the first time.
Deadpool 2016

All in all I have had a fun time playing this game, the story mode is roughly around 6 hours long, and you can replay the chapters in higher difficulty modes with more upgrades. I recommend this game to anyone who is a Deadpool fan or a comic book fan in general because there are other characters appearing from the marvel universe, like the x-men. The graphics are good, the sound is great, and the game and gameplay is fun. Is it worth the price… well I think it is at least, and like I said Deadpool and Marvel fans will love this game.
Thank you for reading, like and follow me for more reviews and gaming news! See you next time!
Deadpool Best

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Max Payne 3 Review

                                                Max Payne 3 - Game review

HI this is Vukex reviewing the Max Payne 3 game on the Xbox platform.

Max Payne 3

I have been playing this game more then any game for the last few days and the reason is... its a great game. If you haven't played it or bought it yet go out right now and buy it seriously this game is one of the best games I have played. I played the old games on PC way back and loved them, but this is a work of art.

The game is about Max Payne, Max Payne is a guy who has suffered in fact there are only a few characters in the world of gaming who have suffered so much, the story takes place 9 years after the original games, and the game has changed from the previous ones a lot. It is still a dark third person shooting game but it is so much better and easier to get into. The gameplay is fantastic and fluid, the shooting is nicely done, and the graphics are nice.

The story of this game is done so well, I really enjoyed it. Things just go really bad for Max, the guy just cant get a break. In the previous games his wife and child die, and now nine years later he still has the emotional scars from those events, and he is trying to (unsuccessfully) deal with them by drinking and taking pills. He moves away and gets a job as security for a rich guy and everything goes downhill from there. I'm not going to reveal the story , but all I can say is it is a very enjoyable one and is full of action. I had a lot of fun with it.

The gameplay as I previously said is great, and feels amazing, you still have that bullet time feature from the old games and it is fun and satisfying to se your headshot in slow motion ! The controls work pretty well on the Xbox version, and the game runs without any lag or anything. You will not experience any loading times in the game because it is all done behind the cut scenes witch you cant skip, that would be my biggest flaw of the game, but I guess it is better than staring at a loading screen.

All in all I would recommend this game to everyone, especially to people who enjoy the third person shooting genre, I guarantee you will have a lot of fun with this game it is definitely worth the buy.

Thank you for reading and see you next time for another game review on Vukex Gaming.